Saturday, September 24, 2011

Throws the Final Stone

Mytheon was never my "main game," but I did have a good time playing it while it was alive. It had a lot of aspirations, but unfortunately it was mired in problems and a lawsuit that just brought this game to its knees and ended it all too soon.

Here's the official announcement from the forums:

Sad. I remember taking an extended lunch from work so I could talk with UTV True Games PR and community relations one sunny afternoon. We talked about how I could help grow the game and build interest as a supporter. Those first couple of months before the lawsuit hit and the game was in beta were awesome. The interview I was able to get with Angela Gillespie was a highlight. Best of luck to all the people I met through this game, and I'm also wishing you better luck on your next endeavors. Hopefully it was a learning experience for all involved.

Thanks for the fun!

*throws the final stone*



  1. So why did they get sued? Was it a breach in a contract?

  2. Here's the details of the lawsuit:

    And eventually how it was resolved:

    As far as I'm concerned . . . this trouble took the steam out of this game and made a lot of players look away to something else right at launch.