Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Jack, the Community Manager over at True Games sent me a heads up today on a new podcast from UTV True Games called . . . dun dun dun . . . Truecast!

Let's watch now, shall we?

It's sounding like I need to throw down a remix or two for their podcast. :-)

LOL I'm digging Mike Madden's office zerg there at the end. I must say all the Succubus peeps at 2:13 look pretty awesome. hmm. Interesting.

Keep throwing the stones!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Champions of Mytheon Promotion

I received a couple of e-mails yesterday about this new "Champions of Mytheon" promotion from UTV True Games. One was a personal e-mail from the Community Manager for Mytheon (which was really cool btw), and one was the company mass mailing. The company mass mailing had a personalized code for me that would cut the price of this package from $129 to $99, so I hope you all got your mass mailing about this promotion! O.o That's a pretty big savings.

SO, for this price, let's see what you get:
- When Mytheon goes live in July, you get in four days before the herd.
- From now on you get into new content a week earlier than the rest.
- You get to beta the Egypt expansion.
- You get some kind of special flag over your posts in the forum (not sure what that is at this point).
- You get 3 GLOWY BLUE WEAPONS! (probably the coolest thing)
- You get all inventory slots unlocked.
- You get a special badge in game.
- You get a T-shirt, a hat, a keychain, and a poster.
- You get a 15% discount from now until heck freezes over on blue coins.
If you're one of the first 2,000 to buy this package, you get your name in the credits.
- ANNNNNDD last but not least, you get all this stuff:
I have to say that because I do like this game a lot, this is incredibly tempting for me. I'm going to want to buy a bunch of blue coins when this hits the streets and unlock all my inventory slots anyway AND to get all the other swaggy type stuff makes this almost irresistible. (Not to mention that sneak peeks at stuff as a blogger is awesome.)


OH, one more thing. It seems as if one lucky person is also going to win a free trip to VEGAS BABY YEAH!

Pretty sweet contest there. I can smell the buffets and hear the noisy slot machines already. hehe.

Best of luck!

Keep throwing the stones!