Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Open Beta Closing August 31

This note popped up on the messageboards announcing the end of the "Extended" Beta Period. Check it out:


Greetings Stonecasters,

Thank you for making the Open Beta of Mytheon a success! We would like to
take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the immense contributions
of active testing, bug finding, and detailed reporting made by the members
of our community. As we move toward the next big step in Mytheon's
evolution, we want you to know that your consistent level of support has
helped us to understand what it takes to make Mytheon great. What is that
next big step?

We are proud to announce that Mytheon has fully transitioned into the hands
of our Developers at UTV True Games. We know that progress on the game has
slowed a great deal during this time, and we want to assure you that the
completion of this phase allows us to focus fully on making the improvements
that were suggested, requested and demanded by our players. To facilitate
these changes we are announcing the end of Open Beta on Tuesday, August
31st. The server will be unavailable from that date until the majority of
our improvements can be made.

Our intention is to preserve the existing account associations including our
esteemed Champions of Mytheon and look to provide early invites to the game
in the first quarter of 2011. We remain committed to offering Mytheon as a
top quality free-to-play game at official launch with polished gameplay,
enhanced features and expanded content: a game worthy of the excellent
players that have already joined us for its early testing. These forums
will continue to serve as a positive channel for your questions, comments
and concerns and is still a great place to ask specific
questions as to the status of your own account or other service matters.
Thank you once again for helping us to make Mytheon the best play experience
that it can be!


Thanks to Jack Reed for forwarding this message to me. It's unfortunate that there's going to be a black out period for a few months, but it sounds like we'll have a better game come First Quarter of 2011.

Keep throwing the stones!