Friday, April 29, 2011

Why, Hello old friend!

Heh. I haven't played Mytheon for a long time since all its Beta woes, but the game has gone gold release now and . . . it's looking pretty barren there. I swear I was one of three guys playing the game this afternoon. It was quite a different scene than the first Beta when Mytheon was overflowing with players. Meh. Maybe it was just the time of day.

If you gave Mytheon a spin back in Beta, perhaps it's time to remember what a great game Mytheon is! If you've never tried it before . . . why not? It's free!

Anyway, I had a blast working through the newbie zone. :)

RAWR! Behold my killing spree of yon newbieness!

It was interesting to reacquaint myself with how to click around and move about, and it was pretty much like riding a bike. I may even have to go pay my old friend Medusa a visit after a couple more runs to Echidna. :)

Stingite the level 5 and growing Warcaster . . . signing out!

Happy Dueling!