Friday, May 13, 2011

Ding 8 and Revisiting Medusa

I got some more play time on Mytheon the past couple of days, and it's been a little strange, but good overall. There seems to be something about the server that's making the game seem a little laggy, but it wasn't anything I couldn't overcome with a little patience.

The main problem with Mytheon continues to be one thing . . .

Low population . . . and that's on only one server. No worries! Stingite is here to play the game until they turn the server off . . . or I can't take it anymore. Probably the latter will happen before the former. :)

Of important note for me as a Warcaster is that I found my new favorite out of class stone! I absolutely adore this stone: Relocation.

You can cast it to give you a head start running away when you get overwhelmed or use it to charge up your mana when you're low. LOVE this stone at the moment. It's really made the difference in some battles.

Next up is that I turned level eight! WOOTAH! I've been grinding the pathway to Medusa a whole heck of a lot to get there too.

One thing I immediately noticed had changed as opposed to my days playing through the beta, was this little pinch point in the pathway to Medusa. Let's count these bad guys up.

Yup, and they all add at once. It took me a couple deaths and a Hermes Slash to make my way through that wall. I'll have to figure out a different strategy soon since those Hermes Slashes cost real money to use (although you do get two free ones to start out with and I'm pretty sure UTV True Games would LOVE my purchase *DON'T DIE LITTLE GAME!*).

The end result of a Hermes Slash of course is game money and blue dots.


Keep throwing the stones my friends!

Happy Dueling!

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