Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ding 9, and having some fun!

Mytheon be the awesome yesterday!

Mytheon + Thor + Jambalaya for dinner must = awesome dreams all night about mythology. I just had the most amazing dreams last night. :)

Anyway, I was TOTALLY feeling Mytheon last night. I even put on my elite Mytheon T-shirt that I got from UTV True Games back in beta.

Dinged level 9 in the War Forge. (Why when I say that I dinged 9th level does that seem really low level? oh yeah, maybe because it is. /shrug.)

And I caught a random invite to a random guild. LOL. yay. (I should probably make a guild of my own.)

Anyway, I have a totally new purpose in my life in this game. I want to get the stones to do a merge combo. Check out this thread on the Mytheon boards. I really want to summon that Avatar of Nemesis! Looks like I need to find a way to get the Champion of Nemesis, Shrine of Nemesis, and Wrath of Nemesis stone. Wootah!

I wonder what other merges there are, because that rocks.

Happy Dueling!

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