Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ding 10 wow! What a difference lag makes!

Played a little bit of Mytheon last night . . . enough to push me up to 10th level!

That means I get to equip my plumber's wrench of doom!

LOL just look at that thing. I'm gonna enjoy every minute of wielding this monster!

The noticeable difference during my play time yesterday (besides my new sexy plumber gear) was the amazing lack of lag last night. Whatever maintenance they did on Tuesday really made a difference in game (or whatever the cause of the lag clearing up was--I really have no idea). Gameplay was smooth! I could actually break open all the barrels and crates normally instead of having to trick the game out by getting a running start at a barrel to break it. My allies would actually attack things without having to be told a hundred times.

My enjoyment last night was 10 times what it was over the weekend!

Thanks UTV True Games for clearing up the lag!

Happy Dueling!

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