Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Eidolon's Adventures in Greece (Guest Post)

Hello Stonecasters! I have a special surprise for you today, I have a guest post from Desjardins (aka John Lifeglen from Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer)! Hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I did. :)


Hey there, Mytheon fans; Desjardins the level 11 Eidolon here today to talk some about my adventures thus far through the god-plagued lands of Ancient Greece. I generally run around with my amazing companion Chelyria, who is a level 11 Elementalist. We both started playing after finding boredom within some other games, and The Friendly Warcaster always had good things to say about it…so why not?

Enough about me, though. You all are here to read of death-defying adventures and the general bashing of mythical creatures. You’ve got it! After facing many failed attempts at that “Evil snakey-lady” as Medusa came to be known we asked for some advice from Friendly and succeeded on first attempt the next time through. We were both still sitting on level 9. Not quite high enough yet to go play safely in the War Forge, so we ran the Temple of Athena one more time. Ding 10 and off to kill Hephaestus.

The War Forge is full of fire critters and ranged attacks, so bringing in the Obelisk of Shu to prevent the incoming range is a nice touch. Shrine of Thanatos and Deathly Lure are both great stones, too, as they cause damage over time to all enemies in the area. Oh to be an Eidolon and get to play with this stuff without crossing class. Muahahahaha. And let’s not forget that Water beats Fire, so bringing in an Elementalist with a nice set of stones is a great advantage, too! There’s an entire family of Icy stones for all situations. And of course the Avatar of Gaia Merge Combo is AMAZING! Here’s a shot of the Lure at work in the Forge.

This amazing shot in Echidna’s Swamp (the stone playground as we’ve taken to calling it) has the Avatar of Gaia standing behind me.

Look at her, she’s huge! Also pictured above is a nifty little Warcaster stone I picked up. The Gorgon Archer. I think that’s a close enough likeness to Medusa (albeit smaller) for me to save the time of running back through the Temple of Athena again. Oh, and that’s me in the middle. Yep. The one with a rainbow of glowy going on. Water ranged wand, +5 defense to all and +1 defense point AND +5 defense aura around me for allies, and the super cool mana-infused armguards glowing in blue. Green, blue, and white. Looking niiiiccccceeeee.

Chelyria’s merge, the Ritual of Elemental Fury, seems to be bugged. We went running in the Swamp again to test it out and when all 4 pieces were showing, no special stone appeared. We checked the forums last night and people were complaining about it. No responses have been made on threads that are months old. Let’s hope whatever is going on with the Mytheon management gets resolved soon so all of the little bugs can be squashed. I would have loved to put up pictures of her unleashing the fury of the elements on people.

A huge thanks to the Friendly Warcaster for allowing me to guest post! It’s an honor.

Keep it real, and if you ever find Plato, Aristotle, or Socrates let me know. I need to talk to a couple of them about creating algebra and throwing us into the Dark Ages.



Thanks, Desjardins!

Keep throwing the stones!

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