Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 1

Well, I can’t blog about Day 1 of me playing Mytheon since that was last weekend and I’m still playing under the umbrella of NDA (Mytheon is still in Closed Beta). So far the game has been exactly as advertised in the Wikipedia entry. Let me just pull a few of those points out from wikipedia:

1- free to play
2- massive multiplayer online video game
3- Visually, Mytheon is played similar to other top down isometric action games such as Diablo . . . (AND, we can just stop there)

Check it out!

. . . and I can't say much more than that . . . but soon I'll get down to some more specifics. SOON!

IN THE MEANTIME, you're really going to want to check this contest out: Open Beta Event. As it says on that page:
"Come and play during the first three days of the new Mytheon Open Beta (April 28-30th) and you’ll be entered to win from hundreds of great prizes. Compete in PvP, PvE, and explore the newest MMO from True Games and Petroglyph. Players can win an Alienware M17X laptop computer, multiple iPod touches and up to 100 iTunes gift cards."


Keep throwing the stones! (hmmm, catch phrase might need some work . . . :-))


  1. hmm... i've gotta try this out - downloading the game right now!

  2. bad, bad, naughty friendly, come back necromancer!
    my parents won't let me play this :(