Friday, April 30, 2010

Mini-boss spotlight--Arachne

Here's a new feature on The Friendly Warcaster that will hopefully continue for a long time. Throughout this game there appears to be a series of mini-bosses and bosses that a player will encounter as they progress through the game. These same bosses drop rare and unique loot, so players may end up farming them for equipment and money.

Today's Mini-boss spotlight is on Arachne in Echidna's Swamp.

Background Mythology on Arachne on Wikipedia.
Hitpoints: 850 (unknown if this is more when fighting with other characters)
Quest: The Weaver (90 exp, 50 gold)
Experience for defeating: 125 (at 5th level)

Arachne is a pretty straight-forward fight; however, she does summon spiders to help her. These disappear after she is defeated. Also note that the landscape in this particular area can be full of "cradles" that spit out baby spiders. If you fight Arachne in the wrong spot, things can go from bad to worse. Try "pulling" Arachne up the steps toward the nearby mana regeneration shrine or using that shrine to your advantage before engaging her in a fight.

Keep throwing the stones!

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