Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mytheon, Push for Chat Filters!

I wouldn't be the "friendly" warcaster if I didn't warn a few of you that know me (and all concerned mothers) about this game's chat. You should be aware that at this time there is no chat filter in this game. I've seen some absolutely crude things jump across the chat.

And believe me, that is not the worst of it.

Now, friendly is going to push for something in this game that probably a lot of players won't really like. In fact, this won't make me popular by any means, but I would like to see some chat controls instituted for this game. I want you to know that I've already talked to a couple of people at True Games and asked for this feature. I'm not sure where it will lead, but if more people raise their voices for some kind of chat filter option, then the better our chances are for getting that instituted into the game. This is the time. We are in beta. Things can change more easily in this time period than when beta ends.

Please voice your support below.

Secondly, I also want you to know that there are two VERY easy ways of silencing the unfiltered chat if it becomes too offensive.

1- Simply click on the combat tab in the chat window, and all the bad stuff goes away. It's probably not the best idea for when you're in groups and need to coordinate, but for now, it's the best (and easiest) I've got.

Moms, if your kids want to play this game and you don't want them experiencing the joys of unfiltered chat, you might want to make a rule for your kids that until chat filters are applied to this game, your kids can only look at the combat chat window (police them too, of course).

2- Ignore the offensive person. This is a little more complex to do and, of course, you have to be offended first before using it (so it's a little reactionary instead of precautionary), but it's nothing more than a four-step process. (you may want to click on this graphic to make it bigger)

That'll take care of the potty mouths! ;-)

Thanks for your support and I hope some of you come forward in support of chat filters for this great game. I think it'd make it even better to get a few parental controls in here. :-)

Keep throwing the stones!

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  1. Good call, Friendly. In addition to reducing profanity, we should also have biased chat filters. It would be in a form of a checklist where you can mark or unmark what you want to read, whether it's All Chat, Trade Chat, Class Chat, etc. What people say may not be offensive on Class Chat, but it really does feel like they're invading your personal online space...definitely would like to remove some categories to avoid spam :)