Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time Critical Contest for Mytheon!

Here’s the link to information about this event from the official Mytheon forums. All the specifics can be found there and that is also where you'll want to enter, but let me roll this out for you:

This is your chance to receive 1,000 Mytheon coins for the official launch. That’s a 1,000 Mytheon coins of super fun my friends! Power ups galore! What’s more, they’re going to dump 1,000 coins on you now in Beta just for fun! That’s awesome. They’re actually giving you a chance to learn how to best use those coins before you spend them when the game goes live. WOOTS!

Ok, so here’s the basics you guys need to know about capturing screenshots for the contest.
1- F12 captures your screen . . . plain and simple.
2- Backspace is your friend when you start to fight. Backspace puts you at a ground level view so you can snap the good pics.
3- Make it awesomesauce. Probably the more mobs hacking and slashing at once or laying down the big towers and nukes are going to be more epic
4- Choose a really cool boss methinks.
5- Bribe people to vote for you. ;p jk.
6- Don't photoshop your screenshots or you'll be disqualified (but do convert them to .jpg for easy upload)

The top five photos will be pitted against each other on the forums as people vote for their favorites.

And most importantly:
This contest is open to all Mytheon players, from all countries. You must submit your screenshot by May 25th 11:59PM CDT, and you must vote by May 28th 11:59PM CDT. Each player can only vote once. The Mytheon coins will be deposited into the account of the winner within 48 hours of the end of this contest. The screenshot will go up on the homepage within 72 hours of the end of this contest.

p.s. on the insider's tip, I caught wind that an ulterior motive for this contest is to also help stress test the server. They want a lot of people to hop on the game, so pitch in and do your part for beta testing Mytheon! Anybody up for an in-game mytheon party with Friendly?

Keep throwing the stones!


  1. i would like a friendly party but mytheon is taking forever to download!

  2. 250,000 Crowns for one vote from you!

    (Yes, from the test realm)

  3. wow my cpu crashed and i have to re download mytheon!

    @Kevin: for what?