Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Mytheon Iphone Ap!

Yup, The fine people from True Games have released a brand new Iphone game called . . . dun dun dun . . . Mytheon: The Assault of Gaia!

Oo! I've been snapping some screenshots here.

I title that one, "Friendly Gets Owned By This Game."

First, the basic premise of the game is similar to Plants vs. Zombies. If you're familiar with that game, then great . . . you'll get how to play it.

This is more like skeletons vs. stonecaster.

As a stone caster, you'll be laying down mana towers and war towers as they lumber in towards Gaia.

That darn Poseidon keeps smoking me on this game. I have to say that the difficulty I've experienced so far has really exceeded what I experienced in the first few levels of Plants vs. Zombies. Of course, I never progressed much past the beginning of the free trial in that game.

The game currently costs $2.99 in the app store (I have no idea how much it'll cost after it goes up in price). I've yet to experience anything where playing the game on your iphone nets you rewards for your characters in the real game, but that might just be because we're in beta, or they've decided not to do that . . . But seriously, that would be a huge wasted opportunity. The fact that I can give people codes from Wizardblox to apply for in-game rewards in Wizard101 is one of the main reasons I love that particular app so much.

I really hope something like that gets implemented in this game because it'll make playing it so much more meaningful.

Keep throwing the stones!

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